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 Master Teng Wie Yoo

Master Teng Wie Yoo is the Grand Master of GMax Academy. He has trained in Chin Woo Wushu since he was a child, and was a San Shou (Chinese Kickboxing) gold medallist at the 1973 Asia Games in Kuala Lumpur. In 1979, he was elected as the Master of Selangor Chin Woo when his Master, Yap Shu Shen (Ye Shu Sheng) passed away. Most notably in 1991 the Malaysian Wushu Association asked Master Teng to be in charge of all 10 Chin Woo schools in Selangor state.

In 1999, Master Teng opened the Northern Shaolin Chin Woo Wushu Centre in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Master Teng coaches many students internationally, and regularly visits the UK to pass on his knowledge.
Over the years, many of Master Teng’s students have been respected champions in various competitions. In 2004, Master Teng won two gold medals and a bronze medal in the first International Traditional Wushu Festival held in Zhengzhou, Henan Province, China. In 2006, Master Teng participated in the Third World Wushu Championships held at Singapore and won two silver medals. In March 2009, Master Teng won three Gold medals at the Hong Kong Wushu International Championship while his students were awarded a total of eleven Gold, five Silver and one Bronze medals.

Master Teng is qualified to teach Chin Woo, Tai Chi, Northern Lion Dance and International Wushu routines, and is also qualified in Acupressure and Reflexology.

began training in martial arts and gymnastics in 1995, in order to recover from a debilitating car accident, something doctors had failed to achieve. He began coaching full time in London schools and gyms in 1997 to pass on the benefits of his training to others. He made his first of many visits to Malaysia and Singapore in 1998 to learn Chin Woo kung fu under the supervision of Master Teng Wie Yoo.
In competition, Glen has won medals and trophies at the Combat Magazine International Open, IMAF World Forms Championships, Combat Magazine European Open, BCCMA Open Wushu Festival, and BCCMA SE England Kung Fu Championships.
In 1999, Glen became a Senior Kickboxing Coach at the BBC Worldwide Gym. He has contributed articles and interviews for the BBC, Daily Express, the Malaysian Chinese press, Combat Magazine, Kung Fu Kingdom, and is the author of "The Art of Coaching" and "Fearless The Story of Chin Woo Kung Fu".

Over the years Glen has trained or attended courses in Contemporary & Traditional Wushu, Judo, Ju Jitsu, Karate, Lau Gar Kung Fu, Northern Lion Dance, Tai Chi Chuan, Sanda (San Shou), Thai Boxing, Wing Chun Kung Fu, and Self Protection & Knife Defence. He is the resident Gymnastics Coach at the Britton School for Performing Arts, Stage Right Centre for Performing Arts, and Senior Gymnastics Coach at Royston Leisure Centre. His qualifications include:-

Coachmark Registered (Click Here)

NSCW 5th Dan (Wu Duan Wei) Chin Woo Wushu Master
BCCMA Level 2 Chinese Martial Arts Coach
BCCMA San Shou (Chinese Kickboxing) Coach
BCCMA Qingda (Sparring) National Level Referee & Judge
British Gymnastics Club Coach (UKCC Level 3 Equivalent) 
DBS/CRB (Enhanced) Checked
HSE Emergency First Aid Qualified
Sports Coach UK Safeguarding & Protecting Children Qualified
Glen is available to coach 
Chin Woo kung fukickboxing and self defence, to children and adults, in the North London, Hertfordshire and Cambridge regions.

GMax Coach Susana Iglesias

Coming from a circus skills and dance background, Susana started training in martial arts in 1999, studying Muay Thai kickboxing. She later began 

training in Northern Shaolin Chin Woo Wushu (kung fu), Sanshou (Chinese kickboxing) and yoga, and continues to train regularly in these disciplines. Having benefited so much  personally from training in martial arts, Susana discovered a desire to teach, in the hope that others may also benefit as she has.

Susana has a passion to teach inclusively and strongly believes that training in kung fu and kickboxing is not only a great way to get fit, but is also a hugely beneficial tool for beating depression, by developing confidence and self esteem and making training fun!

Although new to martial arts tournaments, Susana has represented GMax performing traditional open hand and weapons routines. In 2013, Susana won two gold medals at the BKC British Championships and gold at the Kwon English Championships, winning a further gold medal at the 2014 WKU British Championships.

Susana regularly coaches Northern Shaolin Chin Woo Wushu and Kickboxing to children and adults, and is available for one-to-one tuition. Please visit The Igloo Facebook page for details of Susana's bespoke fitness and martial arts sessions in her purpose built outdoor training zone in Cherry Hinton, near Cambridge.


BCCMA Level 2 Chinese Martial Arts Coach
GMax/NSCW UK Qualified Coach
AIBA/EUBC BOX Instructor

HSE Emergency First Aid Qualified
DBS/CRB Checked
Sports Coach UK Safeguarding & Protecting Children Qualified
2nd Dan (Er Duan Wei) Black Sash Chin Woo Wushu

GMax Coach Christien Ellis

Chris began his martial arts training in Shotokan Karate at the age of 15, and later took up Lau Gar Kung Fu, where he developed a keen enthusiasm for kickboxing. Whilst studying at college and for his Masters Degree in Electronics and Acoustics, Chris trained in Judo and Boxing.

Joining the GMax Academy in 2011, Chris became more involved with the club and began assisting in the kung fu and kickboxing classes. Through his coaching he enjoys bringing out the best in his students, building their confidence and giving them the skills he has learnt. As a parent himself, he recognises the important life skills that martial arts training can help nurture and develop.

In 2014, Chris became the GMax Academy's first Kickboxing Black Belt.

Chris regularly coaches Northern Shaolin Chin Woo Wushu and Kickboxing to children and adults, and is available for one-to-one tuition. Chris teaches regular kickboxing and kung fu sessions aimed at youngsters in Great Chishill and the surrounding villages. 


BCCMA Level 2 Chinese Martial Arts Coach

GMax/NSCW UK Qualified Coach
AIBA/EUBC BOX Instructor

HSE Emergency First Aid Qualified
DBS/CRB Checked
3rd Dan Black Belt GMax Kickboxing

GMax Coach Damien Hunt


Steve has been coaching Men’s Gymnastics full time to squad level since 1995. His medal-winning squads train to national level, and he was most notably rewarded himself in 2002, when the London Gymnastics Federation made him “Coach of the Year” for general gymnastics. In 2010, he was made Head of Men’s Gymnastics for the London Borough of Camden.
Steve has worked with pre-school children, special needs groups, through to adults. His students include current and former gymnasts, actors, stunt performers, and dancers, including the “Britain’s Got Talent” runners up,
Additionally, Steve has trained in Malaysia and Singapore, and competed in martial arts and kickboxing, winning various medals and trophies.

To learn gymnastics effectively and safely requires a properly equipped gymnasium. 

GMax Coach Steve Russo is Head of Men’s Gymnastics at the Talacre Community Sports Centre in Camden, North London. Classes run for all abilities throughout the week for pre-school children through to adults.

Steve's Adult Classes are ideal for men and women, beginners, current and former gymnasts, actors, stunt performers, and dancers.


Additionally, Steve is available for one-to-one tuition and coaches Boys Competition and Display squads. 

Click here for further details, and please remember to tell Steve you are there via GMax Academy! 
Realising that not everyone may want to learn a martial art, but could still benefit from learning new skills, Glen made use of the many contacts he has made over the years, to put students in touch with other like-minded professionals. All GMax Affiliates are highly skilled in what they do, and pass on their knowledge because of their passion for their particular discipline.

Please mention GMax when contacting our affiliates.
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